Advanced SEO tutorial for Beginners

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Advanced SEO 2019 Tutorial for beginners

By HRWebSolution posted Jan 10, 2019 (Updated: 8th Sept 2019)

SEO is changing day by day and Google everyday release a few updates on their Search Engine Algorithm that effect lost number of sites. When you planning to learn Advanced SEO 2019 techniques, you should go with Google content guidlines and to be unique in yourself. Now SEO is not only for linkbuilding but Advanced SEO starts as you planning to make a website and rank that on Google Search Page in top results. Your every step in website affects your SEO because now everything is inter-linked with each other for example, if you a wrong steps in website desing or in page speed then it will give harsh effect on overall SEO. And when Google is rolling huge algorithm updates weekly or monthly then it should be mandateory to make your website and work according to Google guidlines.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, here your complete website and relation with other websites on Internet will be optimized so that Google will find your natural, unique and genuine product that other websites also supporting you (in form of backlinks), then Google will boost your pages and in this way you will get your desired ranking on Search page.
In Advanced SEO tutorial for beginners 2019, we focus more on Content because if your website get ranked on top with best content then it will be more dificult for competitor to beat you and also you will be safe from future Google Updates.

Following are the Advanced SEO 2019 techniques that should be followed stritcly to get ranked in Google. As already mentioned above that SEO starts when you plan your website. There are more than 200 parameters which participate in SEO or Google Search Ranking Algorithm and we try our best to give your exact information which will helpful for you to crack top ranking. These points are truly Google ranking algorithm friendly so you need not to worry about any future update if you follow these quick points on your website. Also if you find any of the problem then you can call us using above Hire Us button and we will manage things professionally.

  1. When planning a website, buy a unique domain name. Like no relevency with other brands etc. Your own brand name will grow faster. Give it as short as possible
  2. Buy domain name from best domain registrar like Godaddy etc, sometimes domain registrars closes their services unexpectedly and your domain will be lock with them.
  3. A fast hosting is first milestone for SEO 2019. Buy best web hosting from Godaddy, Siteground, Namecheap etc(Affordable & fast).
  4. If possible, then buy your unique IP with hosting, this will be your own on complete internet and dedicated IP has extra ranking factor in Google Search.
  5. Buy a SSL and secure your website with https connection, this is a ranking factor after Google Algorithm update in 2018.
  6. Google already introduced Mobile First Indexing, that means they crawl the mobile version of website first, so your website should be Mobile responsive to rank.
  7. Start publishing daily content on your website and that should be 100% unique, watch our video on how to write effective content that ranks from below YouTube link.
  8. Give short permalinks to your articles and try to add your main keyword in them.
  9. At first try to target long tail keywords, because that will be easy to rank as compare to short keywords.
  10. Always make inbound links in between articles in your website so that your visits visit different pages in your website.
  11. Write your keyword in title, description and give proper keyword density.
  12. Always try to answer all expected questions about your topic in your article.
  13. Always share your published contents on maximum Social Media sites.
  14. Whenever publish a content on website then wait for a week to start making backlinks on that.
  15. In Advanced SEO 2019, make backlinks in proper ration with do-follow and no-follow backlinks.
  16. Never take links from spammy websites such as Adult, gambling etc.
  17. Make backlinks from authoriy websites with high Domain authority and Page authority website.
  18. Google in 2018 algorithm updates, announces strict rules about getting backlinks, so we need to be extra careful in that.
  19. Backlinks in SEO 2019, make one backlinks per week from Guest posting.
  20. Then, made 1-2 backlinks from Forum answering per day.
  21. At last in Backlinking, make 1-3 backlinks from profile backlinks. This will be good if you focus on high Authority websites.
  22. When your article published and backlinks created then you should focus on adding more content and promoting that as before.
  23. Always update your content whenever new information comes on that note.
  24. Adding more and more content regularly will also boost your older published content.
  25. Try to add some related Ques/Ans in botton of your content so that will be added in featured snippet and get more traffic.