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How to install SSL Certificate Godaddy

By HRWebSolution posted Jan 7, 2019

SSL Certificates provide extra protection layers to website with unique https code in the beginning of domain name. Before few years, SSL is most required for websites where payment gateways are integrated but in last year 2018, Google release a big Algorithm Update and they officially announces that websites having SSL certificates or https in URL will get a boost in Search Engine Ranking. Installing SSL certificate in any server or Cpanel is not a dificult task, we have explained things with Step-By-Step here so it will be easy to understand for Beginners.

Basically a SSL is used to secure all kind transactions and the card or banking details of all the customer and respective comapny also. Most of the SSL Certificate issuer companies give assurance for safety and also gives guranttee that their all the financial related details will be totally secure and they also offer security amount that will be paid in case of breakdown of SSL certificate.
SSL Certificate from Godaddy [For One Website, Multiple website, Wildcard Subdomain SSL]

Godaddy provides SSL certificate to all their customers, they provide all kind of SSL certificates like Positive SSL for One Domain. Next is UCC-SAN SSL certificate which is Unified Communication Certificate. This is for multiple domain under different hosts. And the third one is Wildcard SSL domain, which is for multiple subdomains i.e. Single SSL Certificate for multiple subdomains.

Install SSL on Godaddy Steps by Steps:

Inorder to Install SSL Certificate on Godaddy server, you need to buy a SSL certificate from Godaddy and you also need to have Cpanel access to properly configure it. Follow the instructions given in below steps to configure SSL on your website and make your https green padlock for secure browing.

  1. Go to SSL/TLS options in your cpanel.
  2. Click Generate CSR button from options list.
  3. Then copy the CSR code, and go to SSL in your Godaddy account on products pages.
  4. Here open the SSL which you bought and assign for that particular domain name.
  5. Click on Input CSR button and paste your already copied CSR encoded code here.
  6. Now refresh the SSL page in products section of Godaddy account, there you will find download certificate button.
  7. Download SSL certificate from that button and extract the file in your system.
  8. Now go to cpanel > Security > SSL/TLS option.
  9. Click on the third option which is Certificates.
  10. Now you can paste the SSL certificate code which you downloaded and extract in your system or also can upload that file here.
  11. Your SSL certificate is ready now try by accessing your website with https:// prefix.