WordPress 5.3 version Update

Block Editor, Design features, Site health, Image orientation

Whats new in WordPress 5.3 Update

By HRWebSolution posted November 13, 2019

On November 12, 2019 the new version for WordPress Blogging Platform was released. This time WordPress developers and contributors give really great features for the users. And their priority section for version update is WordPress's new Block Editor. Also, this Block editor is celebrating its first anniversary. And WordPress developers give it a whole new look and loaded with extra features which makes it more easy to design and with more navigation shortcuts.

So, let us discuss about new features for designing WordPress block editor. Here users now can change the colors of different sections. New coloum width feature has been added in the new WordPress 5.3 version update. This coloumn width feature is mostly used in third party plugins like Elementor and other visual editors etc. for front end design. Now thank to WordPress, that they provide it inbuilt so now no more addon plugin load on website. Now users can change the color or heading text and their background too. Block Editor Improvement- Now its easy to navigate through the block in editor with the help of navigation keys. This will become very handy to use WP Block Editor.
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Twenty Twenty Blogging theme

WordPress introduces new Twenty Twenty WP theme free. Also this blogging theme having two coloumns for blog articles on front end and the blocks can be managed from wp-admin. This theme gives awesome experience for bloggers because of its light weight nature. Because these days fast loading website are one high priority after Google added Website Speed Experimental in their webmaster console and also due to new Google Chrome update, which specifies slow and fast website in front of visitors.

WP version 5.3 having some handy and core updates which are listed below:

  • Automatic Image Orientation.
  • Improved website health checkup with new added parameters.
  • Frequent Website Admin email verification and can change admin email by two-step verification.
  • New API functions added for developers for the use of different date/time zones.
  • WordPress version 5.3 is fully compatible with PHP 7.4 version.

  • API for Date/Time & PHP 7.4 compatiblity

    In WordPress 5.3 version update, there are some good news for Website developer community. Here all new API's are intorduced to work with different Date and time. Now its easier to navigate through different time zone while managing a WordPress website.

    Also it is assumed that WordPress might makes PHP 7 as its minimum version required because that will be more secure and compatible with most of the Hosting servers and other addon plugins etc.