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How to make WordPress Website in 2019

How to Make WordPress Website

By HRWebSolution posted Mar 11, 2019

WordPress Websites are most common in 2019 and the main reason behind is their easy to navigate interface. The wp-admin allows user to easily customize the layout, design, content and other important things about the Website. WordPress was initially used for Blogging because of having inbuilt blog and well managed back end from where User or Website Admin can easily add more blog articles in the website and also can edit already published ones.
After that different developers from WordPress and outsider also contribute to the community and make customizable business and other kind of WordPress themes or templates and different kind of plugins you can use them on WordPress to make your Business and other e-Commerce kind of websites.

To start your own WordPress Website, you need to have your own Domain name. A Domain name is a registered name that only you can use. Domain name is your business representation name like yourbusinessname.com and yourname.com etc. You can register it from different domain registrars only. Some of best domain registrars are Godaddy, 1and1, namecheap etc. Godaddy is best recommanded for buying domain names. Domain are on yearly basis and you have to renew it before it expires to continue your work. NEXT after domain, you need to have your own Hosting and you can buy it online from different hosting companies like Godaddy, Siteground, Namecheap, Bluehost etc. Siteground is best and recommanded hosting service provider.
WordPress platform allows you to use external Theme Templates and Plugins for extra work and that makes WordPress websites more customizable.

Install WordPress on cPanel

Here we are assuming that your Domain name is purchased on Godaddy and for hosting, you are using Siteground. So, first you have to link your domain name with your hosting account and for that you have to change the nameservers in your Godaddy domain and the nameservers are provided by your Siteground hosting provider.

One more plus point about using Siteground is they provide free Let's Encrypt SSL on websites for unilimited time and Namecheap gives free SSL for first year on every Addon domain First we have to add our Domain name in our cPanel. Use Addon-Domain button to do this. Also you have to set the domain files directory for this purpose. To manage things wisely, recommanded to store all your domain files in your public_html/yourdomain.com directory *(replace yourdomain.com to your domain name). Then it will create a folder in public_html and all of the files regarding this domain will be stored in this folder. Now you have to install WordPress in your domain and follow the below steps for this:

  • Go to cpanel home.
  • Search for WordPress in search bar or find Softaculous in you cpanel.
  • Then click on Install WordPress button.
  • Now select your domain name on which you want to install WordPress.
  • Then it will ask you wheather you want http or https also you can select for www or non-www version.
  • Next to write any desired directory if you want to use or install WordPress in any folder like yourdomain.com/user, leave this blank if you WordPress on main domain.
  • Now give your website name and tagline or we can say one line description, you can also change it later.
  • After that give your username & password which will be needed to login your wp-admin later.
  • Below in this page, there is option to set your database name, you can change it to easy for remember.
  • Next is to set database table prefix, it is recommanded to leave it as it is.
  • There might be some more options depends on your host. But they are sufficient and now you can press Install button.
  • WordPress is now fully installed in your domain and now you can access your admin by adding /wp-admin after your domain.
  • Change your theme by visiting Appearence>Themes>Add New.

Also you can Watch Below video for complete Tutorial on Installing WordPress in cPanel and also includes changing nameservers and adding domain in the hosting package. Also in 2019, adding SSL is very much helpful for Google Ranking and a security signal. So you can learn more about install SSL on Godaddy server.