YouTube Monetization

Requirements & Ads rate in 2019


By HRWebSolution posted Jan 17, 2019

YouTube made multiple changes in rules in the past year and changed the complete YouTube creator community settings and rules of working on YouTube Ads and ranking. In 2018 YouTube algorithm and policy update, almost channels lost their monetization and as per a rough idea there was about only 20% channels left with working monetization. And the remaining channels were found voilating their new policies or unable to fulfill new rules for YouTube video monetization and due to that effect, all that de-monetized channels was remain demonetized for about one year or little less. Because YouTube starts reviewing Monetization applications manually and due to shortage of YouTube Monetization team and on other side having huge number of applications for reviews. They take much time to review them. In 2018, YouTube changed their minimum criteria to review any YouTube channel for Monetization or YouTube Partner Programme and the new rules are like, your channel must have 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Watch Hour time in last 365 days.

With the affect of New YouTube monetization rules, most of channels goes back to review and now when they reject any channel then they have a second chance to get their channel again in review but after One Month. Also to apply for YouTube Partner Programme, there should be no community strike on your channel. If yes, then you have to wait time the time when the strike removes from your account. Also in and insider report, it was shown that out of that 4000 Watch Hours in last 365 days, YouTube wants about 65% views from YouTube search. So there in YouTube Monetization 2019, sharing your videos to your frinds and on social media is not enough. You also have to give content that people searching for and also to give valuable content that ranks well.
YouTube Monetization
YouTube Monetization 2019, request only can be sent if you have 1000 subscribers, 4000 Watch Hour in last 365 days, Zero community strike, Zero copyright strike and ideal review time is 30 days.

Tips for YouTube Monetization in 2019

Due to huge competition in YouTube community in last two years things become complicated and now in 2019 it is very dificult to grow as a YouTube creator. Because it is not easy to get 4000 watch hours organically. Also 1000 subscribers is not a tough task. So if you want to get your YouTube channel monetized in 2019 then follow below given tips and hope they will work for you also.

  1. First thing you need to do is to always upload your own content, never redownload any YouTube video or any viral video which you get from any other source.
  2. Never try to spam the community with porn, gamling videos, and other hateful content that is against YouTube policies.
  3. Try not to misguide your vierwer with fake thumbnails and fake video titles.
  4. Always try to give videos longer than 7-8 minutes, so that can rank in YouTube & other search engines.
  5. Always write a compelling description with your keywords in between so that it can rank on different keywords.
  6. Also can add 2-3 related hashtags (#) in your description so that can get listed in ranking. Never use more than 5 hashtags.
  7. Not use any of hashtags in tags section.
  8. Tags section is for adding keywords related to your video, so use it wisely.
  9. Also can add your current year in title so that people can find that your video is updated and with fresh news.
  10. For some initial traffic you can also share your videos on your social media handles.
  11. If your videos have more likes and less dislikes then it will make a positive impact and helps to get your channel review fast.
  12. Give subtitles in your videos, that will help to index your videos in Google search and get more traffic.
  13. Don't spam community with fake thumbnails but give some innovative that motivates visitor to watch your video.
  14. In 2-3 months try to change video thumbails with some updates in that topic, this will boost some traffic again.
  15. Always upload regularly like 1 video daily.