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Keyword Density: Is it still a Google Ranking Factor in 2022?

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Keyword Density: Is it still a Google Ranking Factor in 2022?

keyword density

What is Keyword Density?

Keyword Density is the number of Keywords used in any article. For example – “SEO Services” is your main keyword on that you want to rank your website in Google search results. So if you write a 100 words article and used your main keyword 3 times in the content and your keyword density will be 3%.

If you write a 500 words article and then you used your main keyword 10 times then your Keyword Density will be 2%.

Yes Keyword Density is a Google Ranking Factor in 2022

Keyword Density helps Google to summarize the article and helps in more classification like what this article trying to explain. Then google refresh the search results according to that and checks how is your content relevant to the keywords user’s search.

But be careful, if you use it in excessive amount then it will hurt your Google Ranking.

What is Keyword Stuffing?

Keyword Stuffing is the next part of Keyword Density. If you use your keywords in excessive amount and without natural meanings then Google will put your ranking down due to Keyword Stuffing.

There are different ways by which you can safe your webpage from Keyword Stuffing.

Keyword Density as a Google Ranking Factor in 2022

Keywords Density put an important impact in Google Search Ranking. If you use this ranking factor organically then it will boost your search engine ranking but if you try to spam the keywords in every second line then google will put Keywords Stuffing penalty on your page and that will be hard to rank in the search results.

In our survey of 5000+ websites, it has been seen that 3% to 5% keywords density is good for ranking if your content length is below 1000 words. And if you are writing an article of about 2000 words then you can increase it to 8% to 10%.

To save your website from Keyword Stuffing, it is advised to use keyword synonyms at different places in your article. Google Search Engine is powerful enough and understands the synonyms. So this will boost your ranking for more keywords and save you from keyword stuffing penalties.


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