What is On Page SEO?

Explain On Page SEO

On Page SEO practices are best to improve website rankings in Google search. Some important things to consider are:

Best On-Page SEO practices are-

Title tag – Your title tag is the first thing that appears in search engine results pages (SERP). It’s an important ranking factor and should be catchy, relevant and easy to read. Try not to use keywords too frequently or in a way that’s ambiguous or difficult to understand. Avoid using keyword stuffing – adding multiple words just for the sake of including them can have negative effects on your website’s rankings.

Meta data – In addition to your title, other key elements of meta data include the description field , which should provide more detailed information about the content on your page, and the keywords field, where you can specify a list of relevant keywords. It’s important to accurately spell and use keyword targets that are relevant to your audience. Incorrect or irrelevant targeting will lessen the impact of your meta data tags on search engine rankings.

On Page SEO

Web pages – It’s also important to make sure all web pages on your website load quickly and look consistent with each other – slower loading pages can adversely affect site rankings. Keep in mind that Google favors sites with well designed/optimized HTML and CSS.

Link building – The best way to improve your website’s SEO is through link building. Creating quality backlinks will help boost your site’s ranking in the search engine results pages and improve click-through rates (CTR).

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Internal linking – One of the best ways to improve website SEO is through internal linking. This involves including links from your own pages to other relevant pages on your site. Doing this will help traversal and boost traffic to your websites.

Finally, it’s important to remember that organic search is still a major factor in determining website rankings. This means that your site must be naturally performing well for Google to rank you higher than your competitors.

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