What are Backlinks in SEO?

Explain Backlinks

Do you know about backlinks and how important they are to search engines? Backlinks are also called inbound links. They are basically the links which direct the user from one website to a page on website. All major search engines including Google uses backlink votes for a specified page. It can also be said that pages which have large number of backlinks would have more organic search rankings. Backlinks can also be considered as votes from the other website.

Each and every one of these votes would convey message to search engine that the content is valuable, credible and would be useful. So higher the votes, the higher would a particular site rank in Google and the other search engine websites. Google has made multiple changes to its algorithm but still the backlinks remain a key important signal.

Type of Backlinks

Backlinks are hence basically the potatoes of the search engine optimization. They basically signal to the search engines that other websites find a particular content helpful which is enough to link with in own articles, content and blogs. The different types of backlinks are editorial backlinks, free-tool backlinks, and badge backlinks, acknowledgement backlinks, and guest post backlinks, backlinks from business profiles, webinars and guest blogging.

There are also relationship based backlinks. It is basically a tweaked form of the editorial backlinks. In this the personal relationship lead to the backlink creation process. This kind of relationship could also be built through the introduction of a journalist, content contributor and blogger. When a blogger identify the source which provide genuine value, then they create a backlink to their website. Even in this case the backlink would need to have genuineness and value into it, else it will not be effective. Please note that there are also paid and unpaid backlinks.


Top quality backlink would have a grade between 60 to 100 per month. A grade of 40 to 50 per month is considered acceptable. A value less than 40 is not considered outstanding. If one wants to create top quality backlink, then they should commence by getting link from the websites which has good domain authority.

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