Lightweight Custom Footer Code WordPress Plugin

Lightweight Custom Footer Code WordPress Plugin

On a website, multiple tags are needed to install. And website’s footer is the best place to set up these script etc. tags. But what if you are not a website coding expert? Here we come with the solution. Lightweight Custom Footer Code WordPress Plugin is the best lightweight plugin that allows you to enter custom script etc. tags into your website within wp-admin, and no extra coding knowledge is required here.

Several people use WordPress but know nothing about coding and website structure. Our Custom Footer code WordPress plugin is easy to use and lightweight in terms of coding. It will not have an extra effect on website loading time and does not complex the process for page load in different browsers.

How to install this plugin –

You can install it from your WordPress admin panel. Follow the steps here –

  1. Go to wp-admin and log in inside it.
  2. Now go to Plugins > Add New
  3. Now search the term “Lightweight Custom Footer Code WordPress Plugin.”
  4. The first plugin comes with a developer name – HR Web Solution is our official plugin.
  5. Now click on the Install button.
  6. Then click on activate button.

How to integrate Custom Code in WordPress plugin –

This lightweight plugin is super easy to use. Just follow the steps –

  1. Open your wp-admin
  2. Now go to Settings > Lightweight Custom Footer Code.
  3. Paste the script tag or something else you want to add in the footer section.
  4. Then click on the save button.

Now your custom code is successfully added to your website’s footer section. Ensure not to remove this plugin; otherwise, it will remove the custom code you entered here.

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