Local SEO Strategy 2022

Local SEO Strategy

Local SEO stands for Local search engine optimization. It is basically a branch of SEO which optimizes the website so that its get found in local search results. This is important especially for brick and mortar businesses which are serving specific cities, towns, regions and even states. When it is successful, it allows people to gather information about their business quickly and much more easily which puts them one step close to the transaction.

Local SEO is very powerful for small business. Approximately 50% of all google searches are searching for local information. If the business is not getting optimized for the local searches, then individual will potentially lose out on customers who are ready to shop in their area. In very simpler terms, the local SEO is critical for the local business to stay relevant. Local SEO is critical to boost the online visibility of the business. It does it through the local snack pack results.

local SEO

Google actually sorts out the local search results into 3 sections – snack pack, organic and sponsored.

Sponsored results would appear immediately at the top of search results with label “AD” or “sponsored label”. It would cost money. Local SEO is crucial to bring more traffic for the brick and mortar location. It also enhances credibility and also build trust. It is responsible for attracting more targeted traffic, which ultimately improves the chances of conversion. The snack pack results appears in a box that would highlight the top three business listing related to the desired search. It would show up more prominently than the organic local search results. It would mean there would be a better chance of visibility if it gets featured in the snack pack.

The organic results would be further down much more below the local snack results. So even if ones business rank on the first page of the local search results, it might not show up as prominently as the businesses that get managed to get featured in the snack pack results. To further promote your business, it’s always to better mention more information like working hours, phone number and address of the business.

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